Thursday, September 12, 2013

Davis's First Day of Kindergarten

After such a long absence, I have put off posting for even longer because I felt overwhelmed with all the trips and activities and pictures I missed posting about this summer, due to being stuck on the couch with my primary concern being keeping the kids alive and my secondary concern being not throwing up.  Yay for being pregnant! (And for my sweet third child who will hopefully eventually read all this, since it is meant as s family journal, we love you very much, even though you made me so sick!)  So, to solve that problem, I am skipping all the summer posts.  I will do them eventually, because there are some seriously cute pics that need to be seen and saved somewhere other than my hard drive.

Today, we shall talk about Davis's first day of kindergarten.  Yep, it's that time of year.  Well, it was two weeks ago.  Davis was not at all worried about starting school.  Noah and I walked with him to school and he got in line with his teacher, Mrs. Carter, without even a backward glance.  Noah called about five times form the stroller, "Bye Davis!"  Davis waved about three times.  When Mrs. Carter told the kids to wave to their parents and they started walking into the school, Davis half turned, waved his hand, and called out "Bye Mom."  And Noah and I headed back home.  No tears from anyone.  Noah seemed to have the hardest time, asking on the way home, "Where is my brother?"  Still, everyday, Noah calls to Davis as we leave and asks about him a few times at home and then, when we pick Davis up, Noah says in an excited voice, "There's my brother!"

After two weeks, I have yet to get much out of Davis about what they are doing in school.  He is not really the sharing type, I guess.  I asked him if he liked school.  He said it was boring.  I asked what part.  He said, "Well, the beginning is kind of boring.  And the end is kind of boring.  And the middle is kind of boring."  Uh oh.  He's also not sold on the idea of going to school every. single. day.  I haven't told the poor kid he has to go to school every single day (minus weekends and summer, of course) for 12 more years.  13 years including kindergarten.

We did the very common ritual of pictures at home before heading out the door the first day.  I had to beg on my knees to get Davis to give me a "good" smile.  I suppose the others will be more sentimental as time goes by, because they are, in fact, his natural side.

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Anonymous said...

You have entered a new phase of your life as a mother. Even though Davis goes to school every day (must to his chagrin), he still needs you - your smiles, hugs, and encouragement. You are still the most important person in his life!