Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Noah!

My baby turned two  on April 19th!  I can't believe he is getting so big.  He loves to watch Wild Kratts with Davis and then pretend to be whatever animal they learned about.  He loves to stand by any table that is chest height and play with dinosaurs and horses and animals and cars  He loves Buzz Lightyear and Woody.  He loves to play "Mama (or Dada) Get You."  Noah loves yogurt and pizza and ice cream and sweet potatoes and chicken nuggets and french fries and all fruit.  He loves to drive around on the back porch in the blue car or golf in the yard.  He still naps in the afternoon and still gets up often in the night when he doesn't feel well.  Or if he is thirsty.  Or just to be held.  He is a people person and walks into a room like he owns the place.  He runs with his arms pumping up and down and his little hips moving from side to side.  He talks in full sentences with a such a sweet voice.  Unless he disagrees with what you are trying to tell him.  Then his voice is pretty stubborn.  He has a very funny "mad" face that he will share when asked, or when he is bugged.  I sure love him!  Happy Birthday Noah!

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Diana Ralphs said...

What a blessing he is!