Monday, April 1, 2013

A Smattering of Information

My mother reminded me that I hadn't posted in a very long time, which is true.  I am sure there are a hundred things I should have recorded - funny things the boys said or did, places we went, memories we made - but I just didn't do it.  So I am going to start typing and hopefully something interesting will come up.

Noah is talking now.  All. The. Time.  He can name three dinosaurs (triceratops, t-rex, and apatasaurus). He knows most his colors.  He can count to three, then skips to six.  Sometimes he adds eight and nine.  Darren said he heard him count from 10 to 13.  He refuses to sing his ABC's, but will sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  One of my favorite things he says is, "Come on, Mama."  It is hard not to do as I am told when he says it so cute.  Quite often he is convinced of something, and no matter what we say he won't waver.  One day I gave him a prune, which he loved.  He called it a blueberry and I tried to correct him and tell him it was a prune.  He said emphatically, "No.  Blueberry."  In Las Vegas this last weekend, he found a little stuffed pink and white poodle.  He showed it to me and said, "Wolf."  I tried to tell him it was a dog, but, again, "No.  Wolf."

Let's see. . . what else to share.  Davis is  . . . Davis.  He is outgrowing his acute fear of other people, but is still not friendly to adults.  When they say "hello" he turns his head away.  Sometimes he even glares and makes a hmph noise.  But he goes preschool and loves it.  Thursdays when my friend Natalie drives we have to give her special treat, which makes Davis less anxious for some reason . . . which reminds me of an interesting story about Davis.

A few months ago (Jan, after the Christmas break), Davis had a major slip backwards and got really freaked out because it was Natalie's turn to drive the boys to preschool.  I was trying unsuccessfully to get him to stop crying and get ready to go to preschool.  When he starts crying, there is no stopping him until he is ready to stop.  Finally, my mouth opened and I started to speak without really knowing what I was saying.  I asked if he would like to find a special treat to wrap and give to Natalie and Payson.  He instantly stopped crying and said yes.  He thought for a minute and then told me that would make him less worried.  So we found some small candy bars from our stocking stash and wrapped them up.  He waited by the window for Natalie to come and said he was so excited to give them their presents that he wasn't even worried.  That is not an idea that was in my head, nor is it one I have ever read or would ever think would work.  I am grateful for the Spirit whispering a solution to a very difficult situation.  Since then, Davis has taken little gifts to his new primary teachers (again, he was pretty worried about going into a new class, but at the mention of taking them a special treat, he calmed right down), had one for our babysitter, and Natalie still often receives some small treat if Davis is feeling anxious about riding with her.

Ummm . . . what else to share?  We spent Easter weekend in Las Vegas again this year.  We hiked in Valley of Fire on the way down.  Then the Natural History Museum and swimming at the hotel.  Hiking near Red Rocks with the extended family.  It was a wonderful, warm weekend, and so fun to spend time with the family.

Well, that will have to be it for tonight.  I can't seem to think of anything else to write.  It's kind of like when someone asks you, "So, what's new?"  Blank mind.  Nothing new.  Short conversation.  If I kept going I would have to venture into the completely mundane and uninteresting parts of our lives, such as the fact that we tried the new Thai chicken pizza from Papa Murphy's and really like it.  Or we got new window markers and Davis really likes them.

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Diana Ralphs said...

Welcome back!! I'm so glad you listened when the Spirit was telling you what to do when Davis was worried. He's always there for you if you let him in.

What a wonderful mother you are!