Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hooray for the Train Museum!

I decided we needed to have a little fun today, so I took the boys to the train museum at the Union Station.  We had been a few years ago, and I remembered it was small and maybe a bit over their heads, but they might have fun watching the little model trains travel around the different rooms.  Well, I deeply underestimated the fun they could have!  We walked past all the educational displays and straight back to the train cars that they could climb in and boy, did we play.

Davis "drove" one of the cars, calling for us to stay out of the way if we walked in front of it, or else we would get hit by the train.

Noah loved climbing up with Davis, but drew the line at wearing the hat. 

When they found the engine, they were both in heaven.  Davis loved the train whistle that really sounded and he blew it over and over (by pulling a lever), calling, "All aboard.  Anyone who wants to ride the train, come on!"  And then he would take imaginary tickets at the door.  Noah walked in and out of the engine, each time waving out the window to me and saying, "Bye-bye!" 

After dragging them away from the real train cars, we found the model trains that traveled from room to room and we had to watch . . . and follow . . . and watch . . . and follow them for quite some time.  Almost as much as watching the trains, Noah loved running up and down the ramps.

After thoroughly enjoying the museum and the trains outside, I thought it might be fun to have lunch at the Union Grill.  Well, that was pretty anticlimactic, after the glory of the trains.  It wasn't disastrous, but I was glad when we were done eating.  On the way home, Davis asked if we could get hamburgers for lunch.  I told him we just had lunch, and he replied, "Oh.  I thought that was a snack."  Lesson learned.  McDonald's will always be the favorite and I really shouldn't try to impress my own kids with lunch at a nicer restaurant.  But all in all, it was a very fun morning.  I also loved the nap/movie time when we got home.

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Diana Ralphs said...

Next time I want to go with you!