Saturday, October 20, 2012

Las Vegas!

Darren and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Las Vegas just for fun.  A vacation.  Without the boys!  My mom came and stayed with them for four days while we played.  We drove down on Monday and had tickets to the Cirque De Soleil, Love, show (the Beatles music one).  Darren seemed to really enjoy it and I liked it, too.  We could only get tickets to the 9:30 pm show, which was 10:30 pm Utah time. Like real parents, we were a little leery of such a late show, but this turned out to be the first of many late nights, partying like we didn't have kids.

Tuesday we had to sit through, and decline, a presentation on BlueGreen vacation company.  Then I sat out by the pool reading for the rest of the afternoon while Darren did some work on the computer.  Later we went to Freemont Street, again staying out late and having fun.

Wednesday we stayed and read by the pool for the morning and went to the strip in the afternoon.  This turned out to be my favorite day!  We saw a funny magic show, did some window shopping, rode to the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel and watched the Bellagio fountain show from the top, and then had dinner at the Bellagio Buffet, which was, by far, the most delicious buffet I have ever been to and I would gladly drive back to Las Vegas just to eat there again.

Thursday was a quick breakfast buffet and then the drive home, in time to see the boys before they went to bed.  Davis was excited to see me, but Noah wouldn't even look at me.  He called "Daddy!" and ran to Darren and hugged him.  Then started toward me, turned around and ran back to Darren.  It's ok, though.  I only clothe, feed, and take care of the kids all day, every day.

We had a great time, but I was often overwhelmed with how strong Satan's influence is there.  So many sins so concentrated in one space.  Gambling, smoking (and gambling at the same time), drinking (and gambling at the same time), immodesty (and smoking and drinking and gambling at the same time).  I came home feeling very lucky for the gospel teachings that give us freedom from Satan.  And for such a safe place to raise my children and have a home.

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Diana Ralphs said...

I am so glad you went and had such a good time!