Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Camping: The first and last of the year

We had been putting off camping until Noah could walk so he wouldn't crawl all over in the dirt and get impossibly dirty.  But he decided to take his time, so we went on our first, and last, camping trip of the summer over Labor Day weekend with my family.  Luckily he was walking by then, but would only do so if Darren or I held his finger.  He came home with quite a few bruises from falling and crawling and tumbling around in the dirt.

We stayed near Ferron Reservoir.  My brother found a Forest Service cabin that we rented.  It was small, but had four bunk beds (me and Noah, Mom and Dad, and Jeanette and Noah for one night) so moms and babies could stay a little warmer.  It also had a nice little bathroom and a kitchen.  Everyone else stayed outside in tents.  It was a really great setup!

My favorite thing was watching Davis and his cousins explore and get lost in their own imaginary world.  There were a lot of stick sword fights, defending their "fort" (built by Jesse and Natalie), and other boy-type things.  Davis also go this first opportunity to shoot a BB gun.  When it wasn't his turn, he used a stick, complete with "shooting face" and sound effects.

We also did alot of fishing and Davis found a new love - fishing for sticks.  With the first real fish Davis and Darren caught, Davis realized he really didn't like actually catching a fish.  He screamed like a little, very freaked out, girl when the fish wriggled on the line as Jesse held it up out of the  water.  So from then on, he was happy casting out one of his cousin's little fishing poles equipped with a stick tied on the end of the line.  He probably could have done that all day long.  

 All in all, it was a very wonderful time spent with very wonderful family getting very wonderfully dirty.

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Melissa said...

I love that picture of Darren and Davis fishing together! It is just darling. You are brave to take them camping!! I LOVE camping but I haven't been brave enough to take kids. I think I just might need to find some courage and just go with them. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of family camping trips.