Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ahhh, Sweet Summer

I love summer.  I love the food of summer and the vacations of summer and the play of summer and the fun of summer.  Here are a few things I have loved about our summer so far:

We took a trip to Park City with the Buttars.  We were hoping to watch the fireworks from the hot tub of the Miner's Club, but because of a wild fire on the other side of the mountain, they were cancelled.  My favorite part was going on a little hike with Davis and Noah.  Davis talked non-stop.  He was excited about every tree and every turn in the trail and every sound.  Noah was lulled to sleep by the familiar, constant chatter.

We had some members from both our families join us for a party on the 24th of July.  Yummy pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, corn on the cob, and veggies, with brownies for dessert.  Then a rousing game of croquette, in which Davis proved he was quite adept with a mallet and a ball and Nic took several turns to get back up to the course from the bottom of the hill.  Then Darren did a wonderful job of lighting fireworks out on the street in front of the house.  There were several other families out doing the same thing and it was fun to feel a sense of community.  Our favorites were the sparklers and the big aerial fireworks, made legal in Utah last year.

We had a couple of backyard pool days, some with Shera and her kids, and some with Natalie and her boys.  I love watching the kids play together, wrapped up in their own world, doing and saying things that only make sense to them.  And I get to sit in a chair in the shade and chat with my friends.

About a week ago, we were planning to go to the Roy Aquatic Center with Shera's family, but she couldn't go, so I texted Darren and jokingly asked him if he wanted to come home from work and go to the pool with us.  He texted back and said "Yes!"  He was in the car, by his work and decided to come home instead of back to work!  So we were ready to go when he got home and we all went to the pool together!  We had a blast!  Noah loved walking around in the shallow water and Davis LOVED the big slide.  We tried last year, and he cried the whole way down.  But he seems to be growing out of many of his fears, and thanks to his first year of swimming lessons. . .

 . . .he has really taken to the water.  Our first trip to the pool up in North Ogden, Darren talked Davis into trying the slide.  I watched with Noah (who displayed zero fear of the water and constantly kept trying to put his face in the water whenever he was close enough) and kept waiting for Davis to turn around and come back down the stairs.  But he made it to the top and he and Darren came down.  I watched for his face to see how much he hated it, but he came out the bottom smiling.  He waved and me and quickly climbed out of the pool and headed back to the stairs to do it again.  Darren shrugged and followed him.  So when Darren asked if he wanted to go on the big slide in Roy, Davis didn't even hesitate and started running ("No running, Davis!") toward it.

Today, we took the boys up to South Fork (near Pineview Dam) and had a hot dog roast and went on a hike.  Davis could barely contain his excitement to be out in the mountains.  He kept talking and pointing out everything and laughing and talking and talking.  Noah, who still refuses to walk by himself on most occasions (we did get him walking alot at Steve and Jackie's house last night - he was very steady - I don't know why he won't do it more often), crawled around on the dirt and tried to eat the weeds.  We went on a pretty steep hike up to see a small waterfall.  Davis was covered in dirt by the time we got back down to the bottom because he had to slide on his bum down several steep parts.  Even his teeth were brown from the dirt!  But on the way home he said he had so much fun.  And then he fell asleep for the rest of the ride home.

What a great summer so far!

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Diana Ralphs said...

You've had a fun summer!