Sunday, July 8, 2012

Noah's Talking and Walking

It took Noah awhile to start saying recognizable words, but now he adds new words daily to his vocabulary!  Here are the things he says:
"bah-bah" = ball
"dink" = drink
"bah tle" = bottle
"ban ket" = blanket
"Duh" = Davis
"ligh" = light

What does a bear say?  "Rahhh"  (whispered!)
What does a snake say?  "Sssss"
What does a monkey say?  "ah ah oh oh"

And Noah finally took his first few steps on Monday (July 2).  We were in Park City and he "walked" from Darren to Bumpa.  He is still quite tentative and will only do three or four steps at a time.  But he sure is proud of himself when he does!

Noah has also taken to a really cute, soft, green little blanket with a dog's head that GG gave him when he was born.  He loves to hold it up to his face when he is tired.

Noah loves to eat.  And eat.  And eat.  He eats everything we give him.  He loves bananas, plums, grapes, apricots, watermelon, cantelope, corn, peas, carrots, bread, Cheerios, ice cream, smoothies, sandwich meat, roast beef, noodles, cheese, . . . you get the idea.

Noah also loves books.  He likes to turn the pages himself and look at the pictures.  He has no patience for the words, though.  He also likes to listen to music and play the piano.  Sometimes when I am practicing a piece, I count softly to myself.  Noah thinks this is hilarious and imitates me when he plays.

Noah is not afraid of anything.  When we are swimming he puts his face in the water.  He tries to climb off the bed, walk down the stairs, chase the vacuum cleaner, and crawl toward barking dogs.

But Noah is a terrible teether.  It takes 4-6 weeks of crying at night and orneriness during the day before a tooth will come through.  Luckily it's just on and off.  For the next year or so until all his teeth come in.  Ugg.

We sure love having Noah in our family and watching in amazement as he learns so many things!

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Diana Ralphs said...

Congratulations to Noah for walking!