Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Funny Quotes from Davis

This is just a post to catch up on the cute things Davis has said lately.  Enjoy!

I was feeling sick yesterday and so I skipped dinner and sat relaxing in our recliner.  After finishing his dinner, Davis came in and asked if he could sit on my lap.  I said ok, and then Davis said, "You aren't going to sick me are you?"

Davis was trying to convince me that he is stronger than me, and he held up his arms, muscle-man style, and asked, "Are my toughs bigger than yours?"  I had no idea what he was talking about.  I turned to Darren and he whispered, "You know, like "Show me how tough you are?""  Oh right.  Toughs = muscles. Love it.

On Sunday, Darren and I went down to see Jeanette in the hospital, and I asked Davis if he wanted to go to Nana and Bumpa's house instead of go with us.  He said, very enthusiastically, "Nana will be so excited to see me!"  And she was.

A week or so ago, my mom and sister were visiting and having dinner with us.  Darren asked Davis to say the prayer and Davis said, "No.  I don't have to say the prayer every single time."  Just for the record, he doesn't.  But when there are only two at home for breakfast and lunch and three for dinner, it may seem like it.  He has said that often since,  probably because we laughed the first time.  It sounded so funny coming from such a little boy.  Not so funny anymore.

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