Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Did You Hear That Big Ol' Splash?

Warning:  This is a post about potty training and pooping, so read at your own risk.  In a few years, Davis will hate this and I will use it to threaten him with when I want him to do something.  But for now, read on to see how very funny my little boy is.

Potty training Davis has been an epic marathon.  He finally started peeing in the potty when HE was ready.  No amount of rewarding or threatening could speed it along.  But pooping in the potty was another matter.  I changed and washed enough poopy underwear to nearly drive me crazy.  Again, we tried everything, but he refused to poop in the potty.  Finally I started putting Miralax in his sippy cup and that same day he started pooping in the potty without any problem.  Grandma had always made a big deal about using the potty, so I asked if he wanted to call Grandma and tell her what he had done.  We did, and he was so proud.  Now, he often asks to call Grandma to tell her he pooped in the potty.  About a month ago, this is how the conversation went:

Davis: Hi Grandma.  Did you hear that big ol' splash?
Grandma: (pause) What?
Davis: (a little impatiently) Did you hear that splash?
Grandma: (a little lost) What splash?
Davis:  Do you know what made that splash?
Grandma: What made that splash?
Davis:  The poop coming out of my bum.

I was sitting a few feet away, trying unsuccessfully to stifle my laughter.  That conversation was completely unscripted and all Davis.  I think Davis moved on to talking about other things, but what a hilarious beginning!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVED IT! It was so Davis and I was so delighted that he wanted to share it with Grandma!

MOM (Davis'Grandma)