Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011 in Pictures

Christmas Eve afternoon . . . an impromptu visit to Hogle Zoo.

Acting out the Nativity on Christmas Eve.

 Noah opening presents . . .  the paper and ribbons were the best part!

Davis opening his presents.  He loved everything!

Darren and I enjoying the Christmas weekend.

And these are my favorite pictures from the weekend.  They just seem to embody the Christmas magic.

We had a wonderful Christmas weekend with the Buttars family!  And a great big "Thank You" to the grandparents on both sides for the wonderful gifts!


Anonymous said...

That's what Christmas is all about!
Family and remembering our Savior.


Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon, Marian....
Great company, that we have...Diana, Michael, and Kim are here....Kim just fixed my feet, so that the callouses our gone, and filed my toes...
HAPPY NEW YEAR, Buttars, family
Grandma A.