Thursday, October 13, 2011

Confessions of a California Addict

I feel good when I visit California.  Wonderful.  Happy.  Occasionally a little spacey.  I feel so, so sad when I come home from California.  California is my drug of choice.  Especially the southern part.

We recently returned from an extended Ralphs family vacation to Oceanside, CA.  We visited Disneyland.  We visited SeaWorld.  We visited the beach.  We visited.  It was wonderful.  And now I am home and I sure do miss that beachy feeling.

Here is what we did at the beach:

And SeaWorld:
 This was one of Davis's reactions to the Shamu show!  He loved it!

 It was kind of rainy throughout the day, but it was still fun.

 This is the end of the day and Davis is pretty mad that he doesn't get to stay and play.

And, last, but not least, Disneyland:

 Watching the parade.

 Davis did not want to get close to any of the characters!

Waiting for Disneyland to open.

What a great trip!  Hopin' to go back soon!

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Lora said...

California is my favorite too! Looks like you had a blast, I especially love the pictures of Davis at the parade, and you in the tea cup. Such a cute fam!