Monday, August 1, 2011

"Little Dude" Say His Prayers

Davis has a small action figure that he got in a Happy Meal a year or so ago. It has claws and a tail, is purple and blue, and stands upright. We weren't really sure who or what it was, so we called him Little Dude. Little Dude has sat on Davis's toy shelf since then, only being played with occasionally. Until a week ago. Now Little Dude is an integral part of our nighttime ritual. Little Dude helps Davis choose his stories and sits on Davis's lap while we read them. Little Dude sleeps in Davis's bed, along with several plastic farm animals that Davis has informed me are Little Dude's friends. But before bed, Little Dude says his prayers.

Most nights I help Davis say his prayers because he is still trying to bless the food at bedtime. Now Little Dude, and often one of Little Dude's "friends", have to say prayers with us. This is how it goes:

Me: "Dear Heavenly Father,"
Little Dude (Davis bounces him up and down so we know who is talking): "Dear Heavenly Father,"
Cow (Davis bounces him up and down next): "Dear Heavenly Father,"
Davis (there is no bouncing up and down, so I assume it is Davis's turn): "Dear Heavenly Father,"

This is how it continues for the rest of the prayer. Sometimes it is just Little Dude and it goes a bit quicker. Last night I thought it was just us and Little Dude for prayers, but after Little Dude took his turn, there was a chorus of "Dear Heavenly Father"'s from the corner of the bed where all the stuffed animals and Little Dude's friends sleep (Davis was just looking in that direction instead of bouncing each individual animal up and down).

Luckily they only said the first half of their prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Davis has a very spiritual group of friends to pray with him each night! Davis won't be the only one who learns to pray!