Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Davis!

My sweet boy is three years old! What a wonderful three years they have been. I'm a little worried about the upcoming year, seeing as how Davis is starting to disagree with any answer that contains the word, "No." But I sure do love him anyway!

One of Davis's favorite places to go is Hogle Zoo. So that is where we went to commemorate his first three years of life. I didn't want to go on a Saturday, thinking it would be too crowded, so we went on Wednesday. Apparently, every summer day is crowded. Especially after a long, rainy spring. But it was still so fun. There were life-sized, water-squirting, roaring dinosaurs around the zoo. Davis roared everywhere he went for the next two days.

We had a little party on Saturday, celebrating Mom's birthday and Father's Day with a grilled hot dog dinner and Davis's birthday with cake and ice cream after. A great big thanks to our very generous family. Davis has loved everything! (And it is nice for me to have something new to play with him, too!)

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