Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love List

Some of you will be surprised to see there are no pictures of Noah or Davis on this post. I have one of Davis holding Noah, but I am too lazy to upload it from the camera to the computer, so watch for that one later.

Today I just wanted to make a list of the things I love, mostly as a reminder to myself of how great my life is.
  • Watching a movie with Davis and eating popcorn. His favorite part is watching/listening to it pop. Too bad the movie has to be primarily about talking animals. There are several new cartoon movies out I would like to see, but I am pretty sure there are too many talking humans in them.
  • The feeling of putting on my walking shoes. They are New Balance and I love the way they make my feet feel energized. Sounds stupid, but it's true.
  • My electric blanket. Yep, still using it in the middle of May. Have you looked outside lately? Will summer (and a warm bed) ever come?
  • Making cookies. Making cookies with Davis comes in a close second. It would win over making cooking by myself if it didn't require so much patience and extra clean up after.
  • The Good Wife. Great tv. Especially at 2 am. Confession: it doesn't take Noah 45 minutes to eat anymore, but sometimes I make it last that long so I can finish the latest Good Wife episode.
  • Noah falling asleep on my chest. So warm and cozy and peaceful.
  • Hearing Davis sing. He has such a cute little voice and he tries so hard to pronounce the words right, but he is just off. His favorite songs: Jingle Bells (this wins the top spot by a landslide), Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABC's, Down By the Station.
  • Facebook. I am not a Facebook-aholic, but I sure do love the fact that I can post a question or ask for opinions and within a few hours get real answers from people with real experience with something. Not just the experts who tell you what is right or best. Yes, I love this mostly with mothering questions. And book recommendations.
  • Going out to eat. There is just something so wonderful about someone else making the food, bringing it to me, and cleaning up the mess. Some days I love it cheap: McDonalds' Double Cheeseburger, Denny's value meal and kids eat free on Sat, Texas RoadHouse early bird specials, anything with a coupon. Other days I love it extravagant: Mt. Ogden Grille's desserts, The Roof, Toucanos, anywhere you need a reservation (makes me feel special).
  • Putting on a beautiful, full meal. One that has all the parts to make it look good. Roast, potatoes, rolls, and salad. Pork chops, baked sweet potato, green beans. Chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn. Enchiladas, salad, chips and salsa. Grilled hot dogs, watermelon, chips, fresh veggies.
I could list many more things I love (many involving food), but I am pretty sure those who have read this far are hoping I will stop. So I will make another list on another day. And if you have read this far, what are the things you love?


Darren said...

I love warm weather, my desk job, and you!

Anonymous said...

I love watching my daughter be the wonderful mother she is. That brings me so much joy. I know women have the option of spending their time in a lot of ways, but none as worthwhile and rewarding as mothering.

I love you!