Friday, April 29, 2011

Glimpse Into Motherhood

Last year I participated in the "Project 52: Date Nights" challenge from Simply Modern Mom . This year she has started "Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood." And I decided to join in the fun because I am starting at ground zero again, with a new little baby. Being a mom means different things at different times. For my son, who is almost 3, it means zooming trucks across the kitchen floor and slurping the juice from the watermelon before chewing it. But for my new son, who is 10 days old, it means just being there; feeding, holding, cuddling, and smiling at him. And not much else around the house. I know I already posted this picture, but to me, it represents my new role as a mom.
It's also a great excuse to get a little reading done.


Megan and Brian Rogers said...

Noah is so cute! I just want to cuddle him. It almost makes me want to have another- almost. Not sure I am quite ready. Adorable boys!

Celeste said...

All that hair! My girls were never so lucky! What a sweet little guy. Congrats!