Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flannel Boards, Farm Animals, and Winter . . .Again

I like it when projects turn out how you hope they do. Because, lets be honest, reality isn't always able to keep up with genius we have in our heads. But I am here to share a success story.

I made a flannel board. With minimal skills necessary. And Davis loves it. I bought a yard of flannel, hemmed the edges (this made me feel extremely domestic), bought a 2 ft by 2ft ply wood board from Lowes and hot glued the flannel to it. And viola! A beautiful flannel board. With nothing to go on it. So my next project was to find the easiest way to make things to go on the flannel board.

My friend told me that her mother used to use interfacing and just trace characters from stories and color them with crayons and they would stick on the flannel board. I tried it with pellon and sure enough - worked like a charm. So we (I say we because Davis was hovering about, begging to use the rotary cutter to help cut out shapes. I gave him a piece of paper and my tweezers that he calls scissors and he pulled that paper apart while I worked.) cut out basic shapes to make houses, traced some pigs, and had the story of "The Three Little Pigs" ready to go lickety split. I couldn't find a picture of a wolf that I liked, but it turned out I didn't need one because Davis likes to be the wolf and knock on the doors and blow the houses down.

On another note, Davis and I , along with my sister-in-law and her cute little boy, made it up to see the baby farm animals at the American West Heritage Center on Wednesday. We were lucky enough to have sunshine and blue skies (not really warm, but you can't be picky in Cache Valley in April).

The next day it looked like this outside.

So we did this.

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Anonymous said...

Does the pellon come in different colors now? It looks like it.

What a lucky boy Davis is to have a mom who will take him to fun places like the baby animal day and let him draw on the windows!

We love you and yours!