Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Visit to the Farm

This last week Davis and I had the chance to visit Grandma and Grandpa at their new home in Ferron. I wanted to see how the drive would go (it is only three hours)with only me and Davis - it went great both ways, so we will have to do it again! Davis loved helping out on the farm!

Davis and Grandma chillin' in the car waiting for Grandpa to load the hay.
Davis checking out the cows for Grandpa. We rode in the truck while Grandpa pushed the hay out the back.
Davis opening the gate for the truck to go through.

Grandma, Davis and Grandpa
Davis helping Grandpa move rocks from one place to another. (The story of my childhood.)


Anonymous said...

We LOVED your visit!


Anonymous said...

Davis was Grandpa's little helper. Grandpa needs a lot of help, so he needs to come down often.
Grandpa Ralphs