Monday, January 3, 2011

Cookie Dough in a Bucket

This is not a "grandma's best" recipe. This is not a "do it yourself" project. This is bliss in bucket. I supported the local elementary school by buying a bucket of triple chocolate chunk cookie dough this year. A very expensive way to get cookies. But my, oh my, a very easy way to have fresh baked cookies with no dirty dishes.

Step 1: Get the bucket out of the fridge.
Step 2: Taste a spoonful of dough to make sure it is still tasty.
Step 3: Spoon it onto the pan. Eat the little pieces that fall off.
Step 4: Bake.
Step 5: Eat warm gooey cookies.
Step 6: Repeat as necessary.

Gotta go. Guess what just came out of the oven.


Lora said...

A bucket? Of cookie dough? Yum!! I'm picturing a ginormous bucket, but the bigger the better, awesome!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing better than warm cookies, however they are made!