Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another first for Davis . . Pneumonia

I think all the medical firsts I have dealt with as a mom have been one of the hardest things about being a parent. You really have no clue what is going on and you are supposed to take care of this sweet little person. Several examples:

First tooth: we had no idea until it was almost all in. Poor kid. Probably why he was ornery.
First fever: I couldn't figure out how to work the stupid thermometer. It kept saying he was 93 degrees. So I finally went out and bought a thermometer for dummies - the kind you push a button and then just slide across the forehead (totally worth the extra money!). Yep, fever of 101.
First broken bone (sort of): It was several days before I took him to the doctor. Then several doctors before we figured out what it was (spiral fractures don't show up on xrays, just fyi). Healed up nicely, though I was worried he would be maimed for life because of having to drag his bum leg around so long before getting a cast.

And now, here we are, with Davis's first bout with pneumonia. He's had a yucky cough for a week, but I didn't worry much because all kids get a little sick in the winter. Then a fever off and on this weekend (thank goodness for the thermometer for dummies). Called his doctor Monday morning and they said not to bring him in until the cough had lasted two weeks. Fever came back in the afternoon and luckily my "mom instincts" finally kicked in and I had Darren take Davis to an after hours clinic. Prognosis: pneumonia and an ear infection. I asked Darren if they thought I was a terrible mother for having let it go so long. He looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "They didn't say anything about your mothering." He's now on a super antibiotic and hopefully everything will clear up soon. Hopefully.

Some may be wondering why Darren took Davis to the doctor and not me. It had nothing to do with the fact that Davis freaks out when we go to the doctor and I have threatened more than once that I was going to make Darren take him from now on. It has more to do with the fact that I was flat out of commission, due to a terrible sore throat, sore ears, general miserableness inducing. . . thing. I was sure it was strep throat, but when I went to the doctor the next day, he didn't think so. Just a virus. Not much to do about it. What?? I thought the doctors were there to fix this kind of thing. I think just to placate me he said they would sent the culture out to check and put me on medicine, "just in case."

So Davis and I have been wearing pjs and watching movies all day (I think we are up to four times for "Madagascar" in the last two days. I think maybe it has been once to many because Davis woke up last night telling me there were giraffes in the kitchen.). Luckily (not sure if that is the right word) we are both sick at the same time and I don't have to chase after him. We nap together and sit together and watch together. And poor Darren has been wonderful. He's taken time off to make sure we have what we need. He's been the one to get up with Davis at night so I can try to sleep (still not working well). And he deals with Davis when he gets home from work and I call it quits. What a great husband.

This is a "first" I will be glad to see gone. Could have done without it.


Melinda said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm sorry you and your boy have been sick, thats rotten. Its true the first sicknesses with your first kid are the worst! Hoping you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you feel so awful. I wish I could fix it. Watching your child be miserable sick is bad enough, but it's even worse when you don't feel good yourself!

We love you both. And we're grateful for your wonderful husband.