Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's a boy!

I went to my "big" ultrasound appointment today and it was so fun to see my precious little baby growing inside! It is definitely a boy. First we saw the head. Then we saw . . . the fact that is a boy. At first I really wanted a little baby girl, but now I am glad I will have a boy. It will be fun for Davis to have a little brother to play with and I won't have to buy all new girl clothes and toys. And it will be interesting to see how different this baby will be from Davis.

What a miracle to see such little toes and fingers and such a sweet face, all inside my tummy. We told Davis a baby was growing in my tummy and he asked to see it. So I showed him my tummy and he stuck is finger in my belly button and asked, "A baby growing in here?" Yep! So now he occasionally asks to see my tummy and still thinks the baby is right inside the belly button.

Now we are on the hunt for baby boy names that we both like. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Whatever name you give this little boy will be perfect.


Kaija said...

Congrats!! I am so excited for you! I like the name Hunter for a boy! and Jaxson and Jayce and Kaden! 2 of those names are from students in my class! haha

Anonymous said...

You are both SO lucky to have each other! Love can make any day perfect!