Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mornings in Bed

Davis has started waking up by 7 am. A little earlier than I would chose, not being much of a morning person. But he started doing the cutest thing and it makes up for being so early. Because we took his crib bars off, he can get out of bed by himself now and so in the morning he hops out of bed, opens the door (this is the sound I wake up to most of the time) and pads into my room, towing his blanket and elephant pillow behind him. Darren is usually up by this time, so Davis goes around to the other side of the bed, throws his pillow and blanket up, and says, "Get in Mama's bed?" So I pull him and he either lays on his own pillow or cuddles up next to me, puts his thumb in his mouth, and we "rest" for a bit together in bed. I love it!

And when he is done resting, he climbs over me, back and forth, or jumps on the bed, or other such nonsense and he laughs and laughs. It is a great way to start the day.


Kaija said...

that is SO cute! Yes, what a great way to start out the day! He is growing so fast!

annie valentine said...

My two-year-old does this, thanks for the reminder that it's actually cute. Unfortunately, the baby has me up at 4 am most mornings so by seven all I want is an afternoon nap.

And thanks for an honest comment, loved it.