Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A little of this . . a little of that . . .

I don't have a well-thought-out post today. Just little things that we have done or that I have thought about . . .
* Sunday dinner was a group effort. Matthew made the best homemade french fries, Darren grilled hamburgers and steak, and I made a salad and dessert. Then everyone helped clean up. It was such a simple thing, but so fun to have everyone participate in making the dinner.
*I decided to blow up our little swimming pool for Davis last week. He refused to put on his swim suit, but was interested is using his new dolphin squirt gun, so I lured him outside with the promise he didn't have to get in the pool, but could instead squirt water. He was so funny to watch; he wouldn't get in the pool, but liked to pour water from the pool into a bucket, squirt his dolphin, or run through the sprinkler (as long as it was no higher than his shoulders). We both got wet (he thought it was hilarious to squirt his mama) and had a great time, but only if we played around the pool, not in it.
*About a week and a half ago, Darren and I (mostly me) decided it was time to get a bigger vehicle with more cargo space (I can't seem to pack lightly - I have the need to bring everything that might possibly come in handy). So we found just the right one - a Honda pilot, up at a dealership in Tremonton. It had a few scratches and a small part on the back door that needed to be fixed so we left it there expecting to be able to pick it up in a few days. That was 10 days ago! It is so frustrating to not have it. We are just waiting for the part to come in.
*I don't enjoy cooking much in the summer. Too bad I have to full-grown men to feed and can't get away with fruit and yogurt and grilled cheese for dinner.
*Davis has had an ear infection for about 6 weeks now. We have tired three different medicines. He screams every time we go the doctor and it takes three people to hold him down so the doctor can look in his ears (I doubt any of this hurts him; he just doesn't like it). The last two shots were supposed to fix it. But I think his ears are still bothering him and we need to take him in again. I told Darren he has to come with me this time.

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