Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project 52: Home Depot, Here We Come

A little background: I mow our yard 75% of the time. We have been using a very used, very old mower we got from Darren's parents and the self-propelled mechanism broke long ago. We have a decent sized backyard and it is terraced so there is alot of up-and-down that has to be done with the mower. Last fall, I finally told Darren I was done with the old mower and wanted a new one, so we put some money aside and decided to wait until spring to look around. Spring came. Not much looking going on and alot of grass-growing. I talked Darren into giving the old mower to my sister for her birthday (she may soon realize we got the good end of the bargain by getting rid of an old mower). I told her she could pick it up this last weekend, conveniently leaving is with no mower and a jungle in the front and back. Needless to say, looking for a new mower became a top priority, leading us to Home Depot for date night.

Going into the store, we were only planning on getting a few things and looking at mowers, then checking out a few other stores - you know, price-matching and comparing and all that. Well, without a little boy to distract us, we can apparently spend money with the best of them ("them" being those who spend alot of money). Darren pushed out the cart with a new mower (hey, the guy was a great salesman!), a rake, some light switches, glue, oil, and a gas can. I followed with two 18-gallon plastic bins that were on a super sale. We pulled up short as we stared at our not-so-big car, with a big car seat in the back. We didn't quite think through the whole getting-stuff-home process. Luckily it all fit - with no room to spare. A very productive date!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new mower! Enjoy!


Tiffany said...

isn't it nice to even shop for home things for a date? for me, it's just nice to get out of the house without kids. thanks for sharing!
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}