Friday, April 16, 2010

Mr. Smarty-Pants Hides His Food

Davis and I often have cereal for breakfast, and a few days ago I opened a new box of cereal, and poured myself a bowl of the new cereal and Davis a bowl of Cheerios. We sat down to eat and Davis immediately noticed the difference. "New cereal, new cereal," he kept asking. So I told him he could have some new cereal after he finished his Cheerios. After a minute or two, I checked his bowl and it was empty and he was smiling and asking for new cereal. However, upon closer inspection, I realized he had taken all his Cheerios out of the bowl and put them on the tray behind the bowl so that his Cheerios were "gone" and he could get "new cereal."

Today I realized this might be an ongoing deception. Instead of eating lunch, Davis wanted cookies. I explained that he could have a cookie after he ate the noodles and broccoli on his plate. (Some of you reading this will think he is too young to understand this, but I think the above experience shows that he is smarter than you think.) Again, after a minute or two I checked his tray and he had moved all the food from the tray into the cup holder and was asking for cookies. When he didn't get the cookies he wanted he started throwing the noodles and broccoli across the table. Needless to say, he did not get cookies. Or lunch.

On a side note, Darren sat down with Davis a little while later and Davis ate his lunch quite nicely. And got a cookie.

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