Friday, April 30, 2010

Metal Cup to the Chin Draws Blood

Ok. Not a lot of blood. Just enough to see a faint little line of red. But still. Is this inevitable with boys in the house? Last night Davis threw a heavy, metal measuring cup and it hit me in the chin. I would say I should have seen it coming because he was throwing everything that made its way into his hands, but he wasn't even facing me. But those of you who have seen him throw know that he has a very strong arm, but very unpredictable aim. Now I have a very noticeable red line on my chin that begs an explanation to all I see. And Davis has to touch it every little bit and say "Mama's owie." ( I have said that hundreds of times in the last 22 months and I don't think I have ever written it, so I am not sure how to spell it.) Such a sweetheart.


Brittany said...

The funny thing is as I was reading I was thinking, "oh, is that how you spell owie?" Because, like you, I have said it at least a million times and never once written it.

Darren and Jody said...
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Kaija said...

Oops! That deleted comment was me. I am using a friends computer and didn't sign in, and their name came up. How sad about your chin! At lest it didn't give you a fat lip! Sign that strong armed boy up for pitching lessons eh!