Thursday, March 11, 2010

Project 52: Forts and Stories

It has taken me way too long to get this posted and I always love to post our date nights because they elicit more comments than usual, thanks to the link-up with Simply Modern Mom. But, better late than never!

For our last date night, Darren and I built a fort. You know, sheets, blankets, couches. Well, Darren said he always used chairs. But we turned our sofa and love seat back to back and built quite a nice little fort. I don't remember it being that easy. Perhaps we didn't actually move furniture. I remember a lot of draping and using clothes pins and piles of books to hold up the ceiling.

We had a little cake (thanks, Mom) and ice cream in our fort, then read to each other from a book we started a little while back. We left the fort up so that Davis could play in it the next morning. Davis thought it was the coolest thing ever and so I had another mini-date with Davis and we had a snack and read books in the fort, too.


Anonymous said...

oh nice! 2 uses out of the fort. what a fun idea. growing up we had a used set of encyclopedias that was great for holding up the sheets in the fort. thanks for sharing! see you next week.
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

Cher said...

oh this is so cute! I used to LOVE making these as a kid...tried to convince hubby...he turns me down each time!

marie said...

That is an awesome idea! It's fun getting to act like kids again. :) And I love the double bonus of leaving it up for the kids!