Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Coloring Box

Davis is just getting to the point where he enjoys coloring and has quite trying to eat all the crayons (There are a few that still make it into his mouth). But he can't hold the paper still or keep his coloring confined to just the paper and the crayons roll off the table or out of his reach. I wanted him to really enjoy coloring without me having to keep bugging him (Truth: I am lazy and wanted him to be able to color by himself.) So I brought out a wide box with short sides, taped a scratch paper in it, dumped the crayons in and set Davis in the middle. He could color where ever he wanted, the paper held still, and he could change crayons as often as his little heart desired. It was brilliant! And I just had to sit there and watch him. And really, I could have accomplished other things while he was coloring, but I was so impressed with my "coloring box" that I had to watch and see if Davis would like it was much as I did. Don't worry.... he did.

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Diana Ralphs said...

Great idea! A "mother's inspiration for sure!!