Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Little Blue Truck

Davis loves books. He likes to have them read to him and he likes to "read" them. He will pick a book from the shelf, climb up on the couch, and turn the pages while he babbles. He does have a few books he chooses over and over again, enough to be able to quote a few of the things on each page. His latest favorite is Little Blue Truck, by Alice Schertle. It is about a little blue truck who is friendly with all the animals and teaches a big dump truck how important it is to have friends when you need them. I am pretty sure we read it about 5 times a day. We had first checked it out from the library, but then bought it used from barnesandnoble.com so we didn't have to check it out for the third time. Definitely worth the money!

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Megan and Brian Rogers said...

How cute! I can't wait til Harrison loves books. I am so excited to read every night!