Friday, January 29, 2010

Homemade Towel Bib

With this post I am not claiming any kind of expertness in the area of sewing, but I had such a great success, I thought I would share it. Today I made a bib for Davis. Using a towel. And a sewing machine, but I had to read the manual to get the bobbin loaded and threaded. So here is how I did it if anyone else wants to try it.

Materials: hand towel (WalMart has them for $1!), double fold bias tape, thread, sew-on velcro (I was told the sticky kind will gum up your needle if you try to sew it on).

1. Choose a favorite bib, one you like the size and shapeof and trace it onto a newspaper (or just draw what you want) to make a pattern. Cut out the pattern.
2. Pin pattern to towel, then cut out the shape on the towel.
3. Open up the bias tape and then fit it around the bib, pinning as you go. If you are more accomplished than me, you could probably just work it in as you sew.
4. Cut out the velcro. To make the bib grow with your child, make the "eye" part (the soft part) extra long so you can adjust it for bigger or smaller necks. Then sew the velcro on where you want it and viola! You have a bib.

Super easy! I found I could get two bibs from one towel, but only enough bias tape in one package for one bib, plus some extra. A little cheaper than buying them and the sense of accomplishment is worth the work.


Brittany said...

Wow, looks great and so simple. I need to do some of these. Thanks!

Diana Ralphs said...

Congratulations! We learn lots of new things when we just try.